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Providing a Watchful Eye for Monmouth County Homeowners

What We Do

Home Watch Monmouth CountyOur service provides on-site home inspection for Monmouth County homeowners. We are bonded to ensure your peace of mind. With both interior and exterior inspections of your property, Eye On Homes NJ LLC is a trusted source for homeowners who need to know that their property is safe and sound.

Our programs offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly contracts. Ready to respond, we are available to check on your home quickly when in time of need. Our inspectors are professional and know what to look out for in each home. We tailor a plan to meet your needs and fulfill all action items when performing a check on your property.

We are a full, all-season service provider. From storm damage checks to intrusion detection, our services provide all that a homeowner needs to be assured that their property is looked after. We take the time to check that all outside items are properly stored and there are no open windows or areas of concern.

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